Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cara Gratis dapat account Rapidshare Premium

Pengen punya account rapidshare premium atas nama sendiri?

sangat mungkin …

pertanyaannya : gimana sih caranya ?

ikuti langkah2 berikut:

1. Buat Account Paypal .

caranya mudah cukup isi form register di website:

credit card? Don’t worry. klik cancel. account tetap ada

2. Klik & register :

than buat account sendiri .
disitu kamu bisa dapat dari $1 - $25 dollar setiap survey. gampang banget

3. Buat Premium Account untuk Rapidshare.

harganya untuk 1 bulan 6.99 EUR kira-kira Rp. 98.000,- kalo di kurs dolar kira-kira $11 dolar. sekarang lihat account-ku diatas sudah $27 dolar nih..



Tani Makmur said...

hohoho... info menarik, sekaligus promosi...


bodhicita said...

itu aw survey dah lama banget dan scammer tuuhh

GULBAX89 said...

gimana bisa gan kalo tuh duit belum masuk paypal?? kan yang dibutuhin paypalnya...

Modena13 said...

As far as I know, rapidshare account can be get by using phishing or sniffing.

Phishing is make duplicate web of rapidshare.
Sniffing is listen to the traffic in the internet at protocol/port used by Rapidshare

For sniffing, can be done by using some of free tool called MalG Rapidshare Sniffer by follow the steps below:

1. Download first the EModena runtime here:

2. After install the Emodena, download the MalG here:

3. Rung MalG.exe, wait the loading process.

4. Setting the region,listen port, protocol for sniffing (just use the Default) then click START.

5. If you lucky, you will get free account. If failed just try and try again. :D

Note: Please close all application to make the sniffing process faster.
Good luck!

torentino said...

Guys the easiest way is to buy a premium accounts for megaupload , rapidshare etc... the way to make money on the web is easy i made 300 $ in 6 month and i bought my self a lifetime premium account from megaupload and one premium account for rapidshare. i used only these site:

once u signup u can make straight away 24 $,and in about 1 month, once u have 75 $ u can request ur money with paypal or alertpay


JonH said...

tapi kalo di awsurveys harus punya $75 dulu baru bisa di transfer ke paypal.

Free Rapidshare Premium Account said...


Follow these steps:
1. Create a paypal PREMIUM Account at this address. It is free;

When asked for credit card details simply say cancel. You do not need to fill it.

2.Then go to the following link;
Join this site. It is also free. You get paid for completing surveys over there 6$ to 4$ dollars per survey and 1.25$ per referral thats a lot u will get a
premium account of 1 year in weeks time ......i myself have a 1 year premium account and now i am collecting some exta cash .

4.. Another thing you can also use paypal money to buy stuff on ebay and other shopping sites.

5. Thats is it. So Simple and I swear it works.